Honey In The Raw

Honey In The Raw

Rooted in Brooklyn, the IN THE RAW® family business began with the introduction of SUGAR IN THE RAW® in 1970. Over the years we branched out, expanding our sweetener portfolio. And we’re proud to introduce our newest member, HONEY IN THE RAW®, a raw and unfiltered organic honey originating from one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet.

  • What Is It?

    • What is it?

      Honey In The Raw® is organic, raw, unfiltered pure honey which is hand-harvested from Brazilian wildflowers.

    • Where is Honey In The Raw® from?

      Honey In The Raw is sourced from the remote Casstinga region in Northeast Brazil.

    • How is Honey In The Raw® processed?

      Honey In The Raw is hand harvested. First, wax caps are removed from the honeycomb by traditional hand-scraping methods. Next, honeycombs are inserted into a drum, which used centrifugal force to extract the honey. Honey is gently warmed to improve the flowability and then strained to remove bee parts and wax particles. Honey is then packaged into convenient 16oz bottles.

  • How to Use It

  • Health & Dietary Questions

    • Why shouldn’t I feed honey to a child under 1?

      Honey In The Raw® should not be fed to infants under the age of 1. Honey may contain bacterial spores, which can cause infant botulism, a rare but very serious disease affecting the nervous system of infants.

    • Is Honey In The Raw® considered a “raw” food?

      Yes, Honey In The raw is considered a raw food and is never heated above 117 degrees.

    • Is Honey In The Raw® Organic?

      Yes, Honey In The Raw is USDA certified organic. The USDA has national standards that foods labeled “organic” must meet, whether produced in the US or imported from other countries. Organic foods are produced without conventional pesticides or other synthetic materials.  The hearty Africanized honeybees in Brazil do not undergo the antibiotic treatments commonly employed in commercial hives in the US.

    • Is Honey In The Raw non-GMO?

      Yes, Honey In The Raw is certified non-GMO, by the non-GMO project verification. Products undergo a comprehensive evaluations conducted by independent third party technical administrators.  Our hives are located a minimum of 4 miles away from any genetically modified crop.

    • Is Honey In The® Kosher?

      Yes, Honey In The Raw is certified by Kosher OK.

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