Sugar In The Raw

Sugar In The Raw

Enjoy sweet moments with Sugar In The Raw®, our Turbinado sugar grown in the tropics. The hearty, golden crystals are never bleached, so they keep the rich flavor and color of their natural molasses. So go on, stir it in or sprinkle it on. Bake and cook with it too. Whatever you do, just do it with Sugar In The Raw®.

  • What Is It?

What is Sugar In The Raw®?

      Sugar In The Raw® is a Turbinado sugar made exclusively from sugarcane. Juice is extracted from the sugarcane and then crystallized through evaporation to maintain its  natural molasses, golden color and distinctive flavor. The resulting crystals are rinsed with a very small amount of water to remove just enough stickiness to make the product free-flowing. We pack this Turbinado sugar and market it under the Sugar In The Raw® brand name. 

    • Why, if it's less refined, is Sugar In The Raw® more expensive than white sugar?

      Sugar In The Raw® is a premium tropical Turbinado sugar made from all natural cane. Worldwide, there are few growing and manufacturing facilities devoted to producing high quality Turbinado sugar, so the supply is much more limited than white sugar. As a result, Sugar In The Raw® costs more than white sugar.

  • How to Use It

    • How may I use Sugar In The Raw®?

      Add it to your coffee, tea, cappuccino or latte. Replace white sugar in recipes with an equal quantity of Sugar In The Raw®. Sprinkle over cereal or fruit. Mix with cinnamon and sprinkle over pancakes, waffles, or French toast. Use as a topping on muffins, cookies and other baked treats. Blend with fruit and skim milk or yogurt for a healthy smoothie. Use in glazes and sauces for meat and poultry.

    • What is the shelf life of Sugar In The Raw®?

      Like table sugar, Sugar In The Raw® has an unlimited shelf life when stored under cool and dry conditions. Exposure to high humidity and/or temperatures may result in caking, but the product is still safe to consume.

    • My box of Sugar In The Raw® has hardened. What should I do?

      Because of its sugar cane juice flavor, Sugar In The Raw® may become hard and caked if stored under humid conditions. Avoid exposure and storage in humid environment. Sometimes it is possible to loosen the lumps by placing the Sugar In The Raw® in a tray and putting it into a low heat oven (up to 160F) for 15 minutes to a half hour. Please use caution not to overheat or burn the product.

  • Health & Dietary Questions

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