Mango Mojito

Mango Mojito

Agave In The Raw® | Prep Time: 10 mins | Makes 1 serving


6 - 8 mint leaves (plus an additional sprig for garnish)
1 ½ ounces light rum
2 teaspoons Agave In The Raw®
2 tablespoons mango nectar
1/8 of a lime
4 ounces club soda


Place the mint leaves and rum in an old-fashioned glass and set aside for 5 minutes. Using a muddler or the back of a tablespoon, bruise the mint leaves with the rum.

Add the Agave In The Raw® and mango nectar to the rum. Squeeze the lime into the glass, then add the squeezed wedge. Add 4 ice cubes. Pour in the soda and stir just enough to blend. Garnish with the mint sprig and serve.

Nutrition Information

Per Serving: 160 calories, 0g fat (0g saturated fat), 15g carbohydrate, 0g protein, 0g dietary fiber, 28 mg sodium.

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