Monk Fruit In The Raw® Bakers Bag

Monk Fruit In The Raw® Bakers Bag

4.8 oz

Try our Monk Fruit In The Raw®. Made from delicious vine-ripened monk fruit, also called luo han guo, it’s the zero-calorie* sweetener that tastes like sugar. Originally harvested in the 13th century, it’s been making life more delicious for years. So go ahead, enjoy, and be enlightened by the delicious sweet taste of Monk Fruit In The Raw. Oooohhhhmmm.

*Each 1 tsp. serving contains less than 2 calories, which the FDA considers dietetically zero.

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The word RAW is in our name but we still like to cook.

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Monk Fruit Baking

Baking Tip

When combined with wet ingredients, use the sugar as the recipe directs, then add Monk Fruit In The Raw® Cup For Cup, before mixing in the dry ingredients. This includes meringue cookies. Or include it with the dry ingredients in recipes like cornbread, where sugar in part of the dry mix.